A sad truth. Some projects are simply boring. It is just part of the job. If you are a writer – you will land projects that really don’t interest you. It is an occupational hazard.

Here is one way to get the fire of passion going again for your writing. One thing that I do when I am writing a project that does not have my attention is I actually write about something else.

It is just a simple as taking a five-minute break from your ‘work’ and write something fun. Maybe you are writing a short story for yourself. You can take a break from your clients to work for five minutes of joyful story writing. Or, if poetry is your thing – write that. Make it something you really enjoy.

This can even be a reward for writing a set number of words to your project. Keep in mind the main idea is surviving your task of writing something you would rather not write. So rewarding yourself with fun writing makes sense.

How do you get through a tough writing project? Let us know in the comments below.