Bridge at Grand River

This photograph is of what was once a bridge for a train. It has been transformed to be used for bicycles and hikers.

Building Over the Street

This building is over the street in downtown Lansing. It is near the Michigan state capitol.

Dead Trees

While out on a Sunday stroll, near the end of the path, I found this cluster of dead trees. In black and white even these can be beautiful.

Lonely Tree

This solitary tree was one of a kind in a wooded aria.

A Tree with a View

In this photo we came upon this scene when on a Sunday stroll.

A Winding Path

Here is a black and white photograph of a winding wooded path. I took this while out on a walk with my Canon 2000D.

Macro Photograph of a Flowering Pinecone

I took this photo with a macro lens one day while out for a walk. It seems to have come out okay. The day was windy so I…

Coffee & Books

On a lazy day, I began to feel bored. So, I took a bunch of photos of books and other items. Here is one of them.

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